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Pimax was born in 1975. He is a performer activist who came through an offbeat world, eager of experiences, graffiti and electronic music. He is a founder of « Toulouse Hardcore Sound System », underground collective born in the early 90’s.
He now occupies a special place in the world of street art. He plays with codes of contemporary art and revisits the option of stencils and resin sculptures, themes of the eighties.
This applies to his series of sculptures Campbell and red resin, nod to Andy Warhol, cast on various objects from the collective memory. Darth Vader Star Wars survivor, the cherub hedonistic or the bird caught in an oil spill…
Through his work emerges a scathing critique of the consumer society, quid the packaging of all kinds hanging from the ceiling of his studio, creating a pop chaotic universe in wich he lives and works surrounded by his creations. These packages serve as inspiration and models from which he draws his molds.
All of his creations invite a reflection on time. The moment is frozen, as a captive of its resins or his stencils. The energy of his works always refers to the strength of our memories and representations of our imagination gathering an audience of several generations.
His series are not characterized out of the editions produces in the same mold but are original expansions, all different and performes on the same topic, wich avoids the pitfall of Pimax’s ease of reproduction and highlights the originality of his creative approach, choosing the creation over reproduction.
Pimax is an urban artist who tries to denounce the vices of modern society through his art.
He lives in Paris, where He decorates the streets with his stencils, ephemeral paintings that recycle the classics, as in his reinterpretation of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, to which He adds the banana from The Velvet, or his representation of Gō Nagai’s UFO, Goldorak, the famous Japanese cartoon, who gladly shows us his middle finger.
These two mythical characters from the 20th century pop culture are frequently found on walls throughout the city.
In parallel with this graphic and generous universe, PIMAX brings to life and develops the legend of Nourf Nourf, the urban red dog who grew up and evolves in the city of concrete and gray; he constructs the ideal world in his image.
The writings used by Nourf Nourf refer to the impressionists: blue and green refer to the sky and the grass, the yellow to the sun, the red to the poppies and the black to the crows of Van Gogh, the Impressionourf world
Having evolved in the city, his accessories and his codes are the cassette, the skateboard and the bombs of painting which serve him to constitute his illusion of nature
It projects and reoxygenizes itself to be in harmony with the nature that it lacks

Nourf Nourf, the red dog with graphic features is an allegory of the man in the city.
Nourf Nourf grows up and evolves in the city, gray and concrete. To free himself, he builds an ideal world in his own image: the writings used are a tribute to and reference to the Impressionists, by their abstract font:
The blue codifies the sky, the green, the grass, the red, the poppies, the yellow the sun and the black evokes the crows of Van Gogh. This imaginary world is that of Impressionourf
Moreover, Nourf Nourf is borrowed from his city culture to which he borrows his accessories, essential to his wonderful world and his escape: his codes are the tape station, the skateboard and paint bombs he uses to build his illusion of nature.
He projects himself through his adventures and thus reoxygenates himself to be in harmony with this nature that he misses so much.
We note that in the codes used by Nourf Nourf to reconstruct his universe, the major arts are represented as the only way to free themselves from social, political and economic constraints: the cassette set refers to music, paint bombs pictorial art, and skateboarding gives it a tri-dimensional movement referring to sculpture.
Through this allegory, Nourf Nourf can sometimes be the avatar of the artist PIMAX who transcribes in his character's character the emotions of a man's life.

His works transmits strong, intriguing and provocative messages that defy and disturb, imposing a reflection on the world around us. The Urban Artist, sculptor, activist and DJ escapes the norms and this withdrawal is the main focus of his artistic approach.
For all those reasons, it is impossible to be indifferent to Pimax’s universe.

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Dora Yellow

Spray on canvas - One of a kind original artwork

130cm x 100cm available

Joconde Bitch

Spray on canvas - One of a kind original artwork

130cm x 100cm available

Washingtonourf carpet

Embroidery on carpet - One of a kind original artwork

50cm x 120cm available



Bubble 4 Nourf

Spay on metal - One of a kind original artwork

99cm x 150cm available



Tomato soup XL

Resin and metal sculpture - Original edition of 30 ex. + 8 AP

135cm x 78cm x 66cm available


Resin and metal sculpture - Original edition 8 ex + 4 AP

38cm x 30cm x 40cm available

Signalling panel


Vicious Pig

Spray on road sign - One of a kind original artwork

73cm x 73cm available



Dora Nourf purple version

Spray on wood - One of a kind original artwork

150cm x 115cm available



Chinese Nourf

Aerosol on medium - One of a kind original artwork

140cm x 89cm x 2cm available

100 Francs

Digital print - One of a kind original artwork

52cm x 100cm available

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